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Clip Board emoji LOL

  • $ 1295

  • Clipboard Folder – 12.25” x 9” clipboard protected by a layer of plastic which makes it waterproof. Durable hardcover provides strong support for writing and everyday use. Unique 3D EMOJI clip design, soft in touch, but has strong force to hold paper. Perfect for taking notes.
  • Inside the Folder - A pocket to hold your name tag, prevent loss. Side pocket for storage of homework, drawings and work sheets. Pen holder for placement of feather pen. Featured with a notepad pocket that allows you to replace your notepad with a new one
  • Notepad – 11.25” x 8”, 31 lined pages in a beautiful floral design. All girls will love the pink colored pages and design. Research finds that the pink color is most popular for girls.
  • More Value – 1 sheet of shimmer EMOJI stickers for you to decorate the notepad. A unique pink feather pen with shiny tinsel makes you feel like a princess.
  • Design – A EMOJI design with a dog, sweet treats and hearts. All girls like funny faces and sweet treats. Cupcakes, donuts and ice cream are girls favorite sweet treats.

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